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Utilise Topline Roof & Gutters on your home - you can be rest assured you will be provided with unmatched knowledge and expertise for a top job well done.

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No cutting corners or quick fixes. We use only the best quality products on the market from leading industry suppliers. Our work is second to none.


We are a family run business with over 28 years experience! Quality repairs & restorations. No sales gimmicks - only good old fashioned quality service.

Quality Products & Warranty

Topline Roof and Gutters stands behind our work. Our roofing and guttering services come with a 10 year guarantee.

Here at Topline Roof and Gutters we only use high end products. Nutech Paint is our preferred supplier offering a comprehensive range of quality paints.

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Roof Restoration Perth

Topline Roof and Gutters

Roof Restorations

Our local business offers all roof restoration services across Perth WA. From a small repair job, repaint to a full roof restoration.

Tile Roof Repairs

Broken tiles can be an unpleasant surprise especially when the rain comes. We offer roof tile repair and replacement services to all areas.

Gutters and Downpipes

Our roofing company offers a full range of new and re guttering services. We offer a range of options to suit specific job needs.

Repoint Ridge Capping

Repointing your roof can be complex. Renew your old cracked pointing with a new flexible pointing compound for added security, to prevent leaks and for a fresh look.

High Pressure Cleaning

We offer affordable high pressure tile cleaning. We take time and care washing all the roof - including gutters and downpipes.

Roof Restorations in Perth Western Australia

Customers reviews

What Our Customers Have to Say

Roof Restorations Perth WA

Our local business is a professional roofing company that repairs roofs across Perth’s suburbs. We are proud to be a West Australian business that services all areas in WA – we work on all rooftops including tiled | metal and slate surfaces. Our professional trained roofers carry out all services including replacements | restorations and all other repairs plus Gutters and Downpipes & High Pressure Cleaning| Reroofing | Re Point Ridge Capping | Leaking Roofs | Painting Roofs | Repointing | Repairs | Full Restorations.

We travel across all areas and regions offering our services. Obviously we are fully mobile and come to you – also offering obligation free quotations and provide all options that may be available to you and your property. We know this is a big decision and a number of factors play part when deciding what is best – that’s where we come in to help you with your decision making.

Roof Restore and Repair in Perth WA

All our staff operate professionally showing their expert knowledge in our industry. Our company is known for providing quality workmanship with reliable services all with the highest levels of customer service for all clients in Perth, Western Australia. Choosing to use us can have your house / building looking fresh with a restored building – that will cost a fraction of a roof replacement – often having similar results. Restored roofs add value to your home, lasting for years whilst providing a great return on investment – we also offer commercial roofing services.

We are a family orientated business, we know our clients would trust competent tradesman doing work on their house. Choosing the right organisation to work on your most valuable asset (your home) can be frustrating and a hard job. We try to put your mind at ease with our mobile quote process when we visit you. Our staff have all been handpicked and we believe we have the best crew in our industry and line of work in our local area.

Our team has been trained with all the correct techniques – plus the main factor our group is a great choice is the experience we have in our industry. Nothing beats experience – we have knowledge and know how, plus being able to weigh up pros and cons depending on the situation and what the problem may be. We can give you a list of alternatives – to give you the customer, every last bit of information you need to make an informed decision on this major work to your family’s household (or business).

Perth’s Roof Restorations Service

A lot of homeowners think whether they should take the big step and have a full restoration OR if maybe just repair the parts of concern. Our professional friendly staff can provide all our clients with a thorough evaluation / examination so that we can provide you with the solution which will be most beneficial and best value. Whether you require easy patchwork or a complete reconstruction – you can be confident we will give the best advise possible with affordable pricing. We service all areas north and south (northern suburbs | southern suburbs)

Professional Roof Repairs and Restoration in Perth WA

Is your house fairly new? Maybe you have a simple leak? Maybe a small amount of damage due to debris or rough winds – if so you will more than likely only need to have a simple roof repair job. With mature households that have an older roof on their home (if causing trouble) would more than likely need to have a full roof restoration. It does cost a lot more for a full service (than an easy repair) but if you need several repairs – you possibly could be able to save money in the long term by having it completely restored.

Cheap Roof Restoration

Roof Repairs to all Suburbs and Areas in WA

Our local organisation offer free inspections and obligation free quotes across WA. Contacting our roofing staff is a great way to get an approximate idea of the costs involved with the restorations you would like. Upon inspection, our expert consultants can discuss with you various options that we can offer. Sometimes it may not beneficial from being restored and a replacement would be more suited. It is hard to estimate pricing / costs involved without an inspection of the project – but if you are looking for an idea now, please call our Roof Restoration company so we can provide an approximate indication based on the info you can provide – we also provide urgent work.

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated – West Australian business. We love our state, and also love providing quality work to its residents. We try to upkeep the great reputation our company has – we built it on word of mouth referrals and recommendations. We are a service you would suggest to your family and friends. Please view our online reviews on major search engines and social media platforms to see just how good our past work is.

Roof Restoration Company in Perth West Australia

We are the number one choice for any rooftop work

Long term homeowners in the PERTH area are used to the common issues that arise with roofing materials (issues). Our repair company provides quality repairs you will be happy with and be proud of. Everybody wants a good looking home – who wouldn’t? We not only provide our services – we can also recommend and suggest other local businesses for most trades who we have worked in with over the years. Both reliable and dependable companies that we (ourselves) have seen just how good their workman ship really is. We also offer a wide range of services that will have your house or business looking as good as new. 

We have a number of customer service specialists – professional that are experts offering advice for your needs.

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 How to find the best roof restoration company

When the storm has passed, and you quickly need to repair your roof, it can be a very stressful time. However, do not let the stress get to you such that you hand over the job to anyone who comes knocking on your door. There is a breed of professionals out there, otherwise known as storm chasers, who love to prey on people who are in dire need of a roof repair. The thing though about these storm chasers is that they will offer to fix your roof at a rate that is below what other people offer and you will get what you paid for: bad services.

The best way to go about hiring a professional to carry out your roof restoration is to get a roof restoration company. Given that there are very many such companies in the market, it is imperative that you carry out a few steps to help you land the right company in Perth.

Conduct research

You need to know what is out there. How many companies are in your locality? What do they offer? If you have not dealt with a roof restoration company in the past, it is a great idea first to figure out what they are. When you have sufficient information about something, it makes it much harder for someone to lie to you. Having figured out what you are to expect from such a company, it is now time to make a list of all the companies in your area.


When hiring a roof restoration company for the first time, it is wise to get a referral from someone that you know in your locality. Such a restoration company will be less likely to cause potential issues on your roof, and they are less likely to scam you. They will also be familiar with the regulations in your locality. Such a company will also have established relationships with the local suppliers, and they are likely to have cheaper rates as a result of that. Getting someone from a different locality will end up costing you more regarding travel costs. If you cannot get a good referral, do not sweat it as there are other places where you can land a roof restoration company that works for you.

Online searches

In this age we live in, technology has brought us much closer to resources than we ever were. In this way, you do not have to leave the house to find out the companies that carry out roof restoration / roof replacement. Get online and search for businesses in your locality. Find out what people have to say about them and make a list of companies that are to your liking.


Hiring a roof restoration company that employs qualified contractors will ensure that the job is efficiently carried out. There are some minimum standards that a contractor must meet to be factory certified, and if a contractor meets such rules, they get a manufacturer designation. Not all contractors have such certifications, and these licenses are considered to be a badge of honor. When looking at companies, find out if their employees have been certified and use this as a way of separating the professionals from the untrained.

You are able to email or send us an online enquiry from our contact form. From that we can send you some basic information but for most jobs we need to visit the work site to give a detailed description of exactly what we can provide. Also more accurate pricing or if we can give you alternate thoughts on what you think may need to be done. If you would like to find out more information on the services we offer, please contact our friendly staff in Perth.