Chemical Delignification Treatment

Chemical Delignification Treatment in Perth WA

Our local roofing company is one of the only businesses in Perth WA to offer Chemical Delignification Treatment for roofs.

Chemical Delignification can be a major problem when coming to buying or selling a property – our roof restoration company works in with building inspectors weighing up the severity of damage giving the option of treatments and roof re battening rather than replacing all the roof which can be quite costly (in the tens of thousands of $)

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Chemical Delignification Treatment

When the word timber pest is mentioned, the first thing that
usually comes into people mind is wood borers, termites and other similar creatures
that pose great risk to structural integrity to roof. Throughout Perth and many
other areas of Western Australia, timber threatening species are rampant and require
constant vigilance to keep them at bay. However, most people usually forget that
pest are not the only thing that poses great danger to their roofing, some chemical
process are also a real threat to roofing. One of them is timber destroying process
referred to as chemical delignification. So what exactly is chemical delignification,
what causes and what are the treatment option available?

Whats chemical delignification?

Commonly referred to as Defibrosis
chemical delignification is a term that describes the deterioration of timber where
lignin in the timber is damaged by airborne chemicals. Lignin is glue that holds the wood fibers together.
If this is damaged or has broken down – the fibers can detach from each other making a visible rough
surface on that section of the
wood. If the delignification progresses further, it weakens the structure of
the timber causing it to break down. That is why chemical delignification is usually
referred to as the structural pest of timber. Chemical delignification damage
is usually common on timber section that are used roof tile in buildings that
are located close major arterial road with heavy traffic, large chemical
factories and those building that are close to the sea.

What does delignification look like?

If you live in Perth or other areas
of Western Australia, then chances are that you have seen a timber that has experienced
chemical delignification. The effects of this process is noticeable even to
naked eye because it involves the appearance of hairiness on the woods exterior.
That is a clear sign that the lignin has been destroyed or damaged. Timber that
has been affected by this chemical process usually loses its structural integrity
just as it would when attacked by other pest such as termites.

Causes of chemical delignification

Under normal circumstance, delignification
usually occurs when wood is exposed to fungus like white rot. There are three main
things that causes chemical delignification in Perth WA (and across Australia). They include: exposure to
the salt the air (possibly in close proximity to the sea) close proximity of a building to arterial
road or timber that has been exposed to vehicular pollution and possibly if a building
is close to factories, industrial areas (such as a chemical plant).

The increasing urban sprawl in Western
Australia means that there are more trucks and cars on the road. The ever increasing
industrial activity has made the situation worse. The arterial roads connecting
the port to the farms and the mines had made the city is get busier. That is why
chemical delignification has been so rampant. In fact, it is giving termites a
run for their money. There are timbers that are more susceptible to chemical
delignification than others. For instance, this process is usually more rampant
on softwoods such as Oregon than hardwoods. It is therefore very important to
very careful when choosing timber for your roof.

Chemical Delignification Treatment

The good thing is that timber delignification
can be treated. Treatment option to be applied usually depend on the extent of damage.
However, if the damage is so server, then complete replacement of the damaged section
may be required. Oil, paint and sealant are usually applied to prevent the chemical
from spreading to other part of the woods. The sealing process actually create
an impenetrable barrier that helps to prevent chemical in their air from finding
their way into the wood and its lignin.

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