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Roof Restoration Perth Repair and Fix all roof types – even offering full roof restoration services state wide in West Australia. A re rooftop includes supplanting all the tiles and edge tops and putting in a new secured structure – We will also clean down and evacuate all refuse and waste (and dispose). Your job may be covered by your insurance firm – we are a suggested company by many places. By covering your rooftop with a preliminary base coat and top coat we can guarantee your rooftop is fixed – safe and looks awesome.

Do you have a filthy rooftop? Give us a chance to pressure wash it for you and it could end up looking spotless. Spraying high weight water at the correct pressure, will wash and flush which can entirely wipe out of your canals. We can dispose of all greenery / lichens / leaves and other soil off your rooftop. As a component of our administration; we clean the outside of your drains / belts / windows / ways and other areas that may be needed depending on the job.

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Rooftop blasting is fundamental for the waterproofing of your rooftop. Hosing can be extremely helpful in spots where diverse surfaces join – and we can patch up with our materials (and expert knowledge). In the case that you have blazing that is rusted or broken – that could create leaking into your rooftop; we can supplant the blazing to make sure your rooftop is waterproof once more.

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Are your tiles looking old and weak? It is a common occurrence with older houses after years with the vast Australian weather. We can either utilise new or great second-hand rooftop tiles for this, whichever you lean toward based on our advise – each job is differnet and is based on its merits.

Perths Roof Restoration can also handle all your draining / drain needs. We have a team of authorised handymen available to do all jobs possible or that is needed. In the event that you require your drains flushed – we offer advise and options before the work is commenced. Please be advised guttering should be taken care of first – as is a major component to the roofs structure.

As our name infers – we spend significant time in doing full rooftop rebuilding. Your rooftop will look totally new after we have reestablished it. We fix roofs in every zone whilst always giving 100% satisfaction guarantee on all jobs. We are proud of our services – and you will be too.

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